Crossroads Travel is a unique boutique travel company developed through a culmination of the founder’s life experiences and passions. Using Transpersonal art Processes and dedication to women seeking meaningful travel experiences, Crossroads offers more than just a holiday.

Specialising in the Camino De Santiago, a historical pilgrimage traversed since time forgotten.

Enjoy the freedom of walking YOUR Camino at YOUR pace with the added advantages of belonging to a small group


Take the time to really immerse yourself in the full 772kms of Camino de Santiago, from the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in France to the centre of Santiago de Compostela, the most famous and traversed route in Europe. Crossing the Navarra, visiting La Rioja, La Meseta, El Bierzo and into the wetlands of Galicia each region offering unique landscapes, History and Gastronomical delights. Challenge yourself physically and emotionally while taking in the diversity, UNESCO World Heritage cities and spiritually rich land; all the while meeting yourself from the inside out as you greet people from all over the world!


Beginning in the extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage medieval city of Burgos walking to Santiago de Compostela. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable 479km experience, time for reflection and emotional empowerment while taking in the whole Castilian Meseta in the heart of Spain, entering into the magnificent vineyards and landscape of El Bierzo then arriving in the wetlands of Galicia as you head towards your goal Santiago de Compostela. Enjoy the amazing gastronomy with specialities like Lechazo in Castilla, Botillo of El Bierzo and some of the best seafood in the world in Galicia.


Departing from Leon City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, walking to Santiago de Compostela. Live the essence of the Camino on 300kms of Spanish landscape offering a diverse variety of quaint villages and magnificent cities noted as the most scenic stretch of the Camino. Enjoy everything the Camino has to offer, you will experience the challenge of Mountain ranges, sights of great historical significance, witness castles of times gone by, Monasteries of great historical importance and many diverse cultural and gastronomical experiences. Allow the Camino to get under your skin as you feel and work with your inner world.


This Camino section is known historically as the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) where it was believed by the Pagans that the sun died and those that made pilgrimage to it would leave thier old life behind and walk away renewed. Finisterre is believed to be the place of Ara Solis (altar of the sun), a magical place and altar dedicated to the dying sun. This section is peaceful with only a small number of Pilgrims who make the journey to “The end of the world” compared to the rest of the Camino, it is well marked and becoming more popular each year so the facilities available to Pilgrims are improving each year. Note: The Finisterre Way can be continued along the coast to the sanctuary of A Virxe da Barca, Muxia is also a traditional pilgrimage destination in a stunning location by the Atlantic Ocean a short bus trip well worth the time while you are there.