You may be thinking how does a usual day in Camino look. Everyone is different and organises in different ways however a standard day could be as follow:



Get up, shower, get dressed and repare your feet for the day. Protect them with creams, bandages, dressings, tapes whatever it is you feel most comfortable with but ensure this becomes a ritual!

Pack everything you might need in your backpack: fruit, water, some nuts, a sandwich, sun hat, rain clothes, sun cream, sunglasses, music, tape, protectors, jumper, walking sticks

Have your breakfast and start walking.



5, 6, 7 … hours on Camino are waiting for you.

You will find Yellow arrows clearly marking the way for you on the Camino, make sure you get into the practice of paying attention to them to avoid adding extra kilometres to your walk by taking a wrong turn. Take it easy, each of us has a preferred walking rhythm. Don’t try to follow the fastest or wait for the slowest, set your pace and stick with it to best enjoy your Camino you can arrange to meet at the end of the day in your hotel.



Most days you will find places to stop and rest, cool hamlets, fountains in passing villages and little cafes serving food and coffee but there are a few days that there is nothing for many Km. It’s always good to carry enough water and some food in your backpack.



You have arrived at your destination.

Find your accommodation collect your luggage take a well-deserved shower and then see how you feel.

Depending on your mood, you may decide to stay in your room or visit the location. Perhaps you will want to head out for a drink and share some of the day’s stories with interesting people you have met along the Camino or some of the group.

Try to take a little time to prepare for the next day  look at your guide to see what distances between villages and then pack accordingly: fruit, nuts, drinks, pharmacy products.



Have a nice hearty dinner; many bars and restaurants serve Menu Peregrino (Pilgrim’s menu) a good option (10-12 €). Three courses, including bread and drink (water, wine, beer). You can also find regular menu if you have specific dietary requirements.



Tomorrow is another day, one you will share or go alone one with sun, clouds, wind or rain; you never know what lies ahead except that today you will walk with the freedom and space to just be!