Crossroads Travel is a unique boutique travel company developed through a culmination of the founder’s life experiences and passions. Using Transpersonal art Processes and dedication to women seeking meaningful travel experiences, Crossroads offers more than just a holiday.

Crossroads unique offering

“A five star inner Journey on a spiritually and culturally rich landscape”

Specializing in the Camino De Santiago, a historical pilgrimage traversed since time forgotten. Crossroads offers you the security of sharing this inner and outer journey with a group of like-minded women. With the support of experienced operators, we aim to provide all of the essential requirements for your Camino; accurate information, superior accommodation, luggage transfer each day, personal support for your safety and most importantly to support you on your inner journey with trained Transpersonal Art Therapy professionals.

With all of your daily logistical needs taken care of you will have all the time in the world to reflect, open your heart, make meaning of your challenges and focus on You.

Buen Camino!  

What We Offer You

  • Our goal is to assist you to experience more than just travel
  • Owner operated business
  • We are personally on the Camino with a support vehicle for your safety and ease of mind
  • Inclusive Packages taking care of your personal needs
  • Handpicked superior Accommodation for your comfort
  • You are able to focus on your unique life experience with all needs catered to
  • Transpersonal Art Process sessions uniquely for you
  • Group network along the way
  • Unforgettable travel memories